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World Cosmohumanistic League of Nations headed by the President, doctor of philosophical, biological and information Sciences, academician, Professor A.V. Ignatenko, offers a training program for sports stars, based on the latest psycho-informational technologies (PSY-I. T.), allowing to bring the team (athlete) in the category of the best in Europe and the world in the shortest possible time (8-10 months).
As a result of targeted research and practical work conducted by Prof. Ignatenko (1963-1992), the world's first psychological and sports practice managed to generate, test and implement qualitatively new complex of psycho-informational approach to the development and use of the reserve capacity of the person.


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       Valdis Skutans    Miroslav Siler


• Form and reinforce  the informational program “THE MATRIX OF SPIRIT STRENGTH AND FAITH IN THE VICTORY " for the athlete or team mobilizing the reserve capacity of a person, without damage to health, in extreme conditions of training and competition.
• Significantly reduce the period of psychological preparation of teams and sportsmen.
• To accelerate the development of technical skills by 40-70%.
• Predict specific sports performance.
• To ensure the reliability in achieving the highest results.
• Strengthen biological power potential of the athletes, their degree of working capacity.
• Increase physical strength, endurance, commitment, intuition.
• Programming of an athlete at a high result, a beautiful aesthetic game, avoid injury and stress as well as fast recovery of the body.
• Master an athlete, team with methodology of development and use of super abilities and psycho-informational protection from negative influences.
• Learn the system of sports longevity and successful life.

These psycho-informational technologies have been successfully applied in sports during the preparation of teams and individual sports stars with a guaranteed 100% result.

In the period from 2000 to 2006, the authors' methodologies of professor A. Ignatenko have received international recognition, becoming the winners of the four Grand Prix and eight gold medals at the salons and exhibitions in Tokyo, Sofia, Pittsburgh, Brussels, Moscow, Dubai, Toulouse.

• Work is performed in contact with the team (30%) and remotely (70%) without violation of the basic workout schedule.
• To undertake the work it is required to have an office space with an area not less than 70 sq. m.
• The number of hours required to work is N hours/month (N hours/year).
• Project cost and payment terms are determined by the parties depending on the negotiated sporting achievements and specific prizes at the conclusion of the contract.


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 Jaromir Jagr


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 NHL «Pittsburg Penguins»


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 Jaroslav Gábor    Isidore Tanasov