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 Cosmohumanistic Golden Age Sciences.The World Uniform Cosmohumanistic System

Seminar “Psycho-informational technologies in the Third Millennium” supported by the Lithuania Academy of Sciences 2000.

The Universal Mankind’s basic science

should be the science about the Human and the Universe.
Askhasrin the Great


    Socrates, the great son of the mankind, late in his life and shortly before his painful death uttered the immortal phrase: "I know that I know nothing!” This is a motto worthy of a real truth seeker and inquisitive mind. Anybody saying otherwise does not have any relation neither to the science nor to knowledge. The true science is not afraid of ignorance. It bravely overcomes all obstacles and dead ends, going higher and higher to the True Knowledge, as the evolutionary spiral of the Existence Perception is infinite.

    When somebody asked the Delphicum Oraculum: "What is the Innermost Wisdom?" he answered: "Man, know yourself». Socrates often repeated this answer giving it a great importance and understanding that self-knowing is a knowing of the Universe, the Sense of Existence and the Creator. This is the Human where all information about the Universe is encoded. Intellectual person is a kind of hologram containing the Creator’s evolutionary cosmic Laws. If desired, it is possible to put any Universal Microcosm regularities into life, as physical, chemical, energetic, informational and other regularities everywhere are the same. The Life on the Earth and in the Space is indivisible.

    The Nature does not gift us the knowledge; we acquire it struggling with the difficulties caused by us when violating the Cosmic Laws. Up to the present the Human has been developing according to the natural genetic programs; but now we need something else. The Human evolution needs to start due to their personal efforts, manifestation of the Will and Faith in their open-ended opportunities through



maximum personal fullfilmenT

evolutionary key of which are the Cosmohumanism Doctrine and universal methodologies of sciences of the Golden Age, breaking the Spiritual & Informational Code of the Human and the Universe. The Doctrine and Sciences learnt the laws of all social, political, and economic processes and phenomena on the Earth, having made everything necessary for our civilization to develop.

Nowadays, different sciences who jointly research all informational phenomena and processes are uniting. This necessity is proved by historical experience. In Aristotle’s time he failed to explain a number of natural phenomena by physical laws and applied to Metaphysics, believing that there must be a generalizing science of the Universe.

    Nowadays, the Golden Age universal cosmohumanistic science given to us via the Heavenly Teachers appears to be Cosmoeniopsychology. This young branch of knowledge uses the Leonardo da Vinci’s formula: “Experience – conclusion – proof” who wrote in the 15th century: “...It (nature) is a teacher of the true geniuses... if I learn something, first I carry out experiments and then draw conclusions and make proofs”.

   Basing on the above brilliant formula, for 30 years Ignatenko A.V. has carried out a great number of experiments in order to learn psycho-physiological, psychic and mental human abilities in regular and extreme conditions. In 1993 Albert V. Ignatenko established the absolutely new research discipline “Cosmoeniopsychology” drawing on expertise and experience, ancient esoteric knowledge, and absolutely new knowledge given from the matter worlds via the Spiritual Teachers.

    General Cosmoeniopsychology (cosmos – an order, Law; enio – energoinformational phenomenon, psyche – a soul, logos – a science) is a science about the Human and the Universe which learns the laws and mechanisms of formation of the matter and brute thinking as well as its all consciousness sub-levels during the human’s exchange with the Earth, human, society, all forms of life, the Biosphere, the Noosphere, and the Universe, both inside and outside the Human’s system. 

   This science develops the eco-friendly absolutely new models of thinking which includes 100% of informational and energetic potential (recourse) of the human’s system unlike the regular ones with 1.5-2 %. These ultra-fast and ultra-strong informational models of thinking accelerate thousandfold the implementation of all of the human’s vital programs of (due to discovery of abilities), and multifold increase the human’s energetic potential which results in the harmony, health, and longevity in the human’s system.

   Cosmoeniopsychology learns the laws and mechanisms of abilities, exceptional abilities, super abilities and absolute abilities of all levels of the human thinking, and develops the express methods of reveal, improvement and use of such abilities.

    These methodologies are dedicated to self-knowing, self-improvement, maximum personal fulfillment, prolongation of vigorous life, and knowing of the Sense of Existence, the Universe and the Creator.




“Drink water from your own cistern”.

rerih pic   Not knowing the Universe one will never know the Human. Knowing and understanding yourself the Human discovers the Eternity, the Universe and the Laws which creates and manages Himself. The Human is the child of the Earth and Space. All the human organs are connected with the powers circulating in the Brute Matter of the Earth’s biosphere and Space’s Matter Substance. Matter worlds of the Universe make our matter substance bodies while the Earth’s biosphere makes our biophysical brute substance bodies. Matter levels of the human consciousness consists of the substance, energy, and information provided by the Matter worlds of the Universe; and the Brute substance biophysical body consists of atoms, molecules, organs, and systems which includes almost all chemical elements of the Earth.

O Man! You are a mystery for yourself.
Who else but you open your doors and come in...
Rerikh I.I.

      Based on the combination of all knowledge about the Human (Microcosm) and the Universe (Macrocosm), great experience which is deemed to be the truth criteria, theoretic research and calculations, I have developed the new physical-energetic-informational model of the human consciousness. This model explains the concept of the Matter and Brute Substance consciousness, thinking and existence, and solves such eternal problem as CONSCIOUSNESS - ENERGY – SUBSTANCE.

    Basing on the above, the human system of consciousness is a spiritual, moral, evolution, physical-energetic-informational, non-lineal, open, multifunctional, unit (4 spiritual & evolutionary units + 1 Spirituality unit), multilevel (12 levels and Spirituality) structure of the cosmoplanetary Godhead origin  reflecting the very core of Brute substance and Matter substance of the worlds around. The basic matter of the human consciousness system is 99.999999% matter spiritual & evolutionary information. In the same time a number of the Brute matter evolutionary information is only 0.000001% of the total human biophysical systems. If we take the total volume of the entire human’s system, including the Subtle matter bodies, the volume of the Brute matter would be much more less.

    Based on the fact that the human consciousness system mainly consists of the subtle matter positive, moral, spiritual, and absolute information of the cosmic nature, but not terrestrial, we may definitely affirm that it comes from the Universal Creator whose name is the Lord God. System is its evolutionary order which is inseparable from the function, that is to say, a certain well-ordered harmonious work which is possible to get due to the strict fulfillment of the spiritual and moral Laws of construction, development, and improvement of the human consciousness system.

    What determines the system development: competition of its elements (conflict of opposites) or, vice versa, their coordinated actions (mutual assistance)? An outstanding Russian physiologist, Petr K. Anokhin, who clearly defined the system, answers this question: "The     System can only be a complex of selectively involved elements whose coordinated actions and relationships become the mutual assistance of components in order to get a useful result". The Human is the very same highly ordered and harmonized system “created after the image and likeness” of the Creator whose world does not have any struggle, chaos, and catastrophes becauseitgoesagainstthehumannature.

    The Human with its open system of consciousness can exist and evolve due to the continuous and balanced exchange with the environment, brute matter, positive subtle matter, moral, Spiritual and Absolute information only. Moreover, spiritual and information flows here play the crucial and organizing role as they facilitate the development and improvement of all levels of consciousness, as well as the discovery and use of abilities (talents) for the most complete self-realization, 100% health, eternal youth, and happiness in life.

    Degree of spirituality of the consciousness system is a complexity of its structure, speed and direction of movement, vital power (vitality), and steadiness which are determined by a number, quality and level of the brute matter and positive subtle matter spiritual information attributable to its volume (density). “From the information point of view, a degree is a density measure of local code-cell relations (and inside) of body/systems and their (systems) with the world around” (Ivan Yuzvishin - “Informatiology”).

    The higher the human’s spiritually and information level of the system of consciousness, the more evolutionary eco-friendly energy with the high speed of movement is born there. Due to a great quantity of evolutionary energy and high speed of movement, the evolutionary process speeds up, transportation goes very quickly, positive programs comes into life which are formed by the thinking process and all levels of consciousness both inside and outside the body interacting with the environment (animate and inanimate matter). Information power and energy manage the torsion fields which facilitate the birth of matter. Torsion fields are a form of matter, carriers, and receivers of information also. Energy is an ability of consciousness to do work on transmission of an ordered, structured movement in order to reach the harmony of the whole system.

Nonlinear nature of the system of consciousness is an ability to regulate itself, repair itself (to regenerate), govern itself, and improve itself, in general, to evolve.

One of the basic functions of the human’s system of consciousness (as well as other systems) is a memory. It works using the variety of information field (from the atomic / molecular with six senses to solitonic, neutrino, etc.) to receive, remember, keep, and reproduce all types of the brute matter and subtle matter information.


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    General Cosmoeniopsychology includes the basic subdisciplines as follows:

  • History of origin
  • Cosmohumanism
  • Symbiosis of different forms of life
  • Information like a basis of the universal life
  • Spiritual & informational root of life
  • Bioinformatics
Фото ауры, Киев, 1990г.
  • Classification of information
  • Consciousness, energy, substance
  • Human’s new model of consciousness with the Spirituality unit
  • Functional characteristics of the human’s model of consciousness
  • Human’s bioenergetics
  • Humans’ abilities and their development
  • The Golden Age Cosmology
  • Evolution hierarchy of the Creator and His Laws
  • Involution hierarchy of anti-spiritual worlds
  • Karma and ways of its work-out (transformations)

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  • Four units of the human’s health
  • Negative impact of the human
  • Harmony of beauty and eternal youth
  • Eternity
  • Guiding stars of the Creator’s Truth Light
  • The World Uniform Cosmohumanistic System


Psychoinformatiology: the Third Millennium Science

 Psychoinformatiology (psyche – a soul, information – a human information system, logos – a science) is a science which studies laws and mechanisms of energetic & informational exchange between the human and animate and inanimate matter. Based on the experimental results, the science develops the eco-friendly verbal and non-verbal psycho-informational technologies of interaction between the human and individual, society, all forms of life, the Biosphere environment, the Noosphere, and the Universe.

This science along with practical methods of Cosmieniopsychology is increasingly used for development of the human abilities. According to theoretical and experimental studies, the science may be applied as an eco-friendly, integrated, cosmohumanistic approach to solve the most complicated vital problems in life of the world community.

The philosophical basis of this scientific direction is the Cosmohumanism Doctrine which excludes all kinds of the Subtle matter and Brute matter negative information and gives the positive moral Cosmohumanistic Key based on the scientific cosmoeniopsychological knowing of the Human and Universe. The Cosmieniopsychology’s driving force is the ability to prepare, first of all, your bioenergetic & informational system to live, and make the matrix program (information carrier), to apply overthere the basic, special and indicative program, to transfer them to a certain object (using the multichannel method using various kinds of the Subtle matter and Brute matter energy) and its further implementation. Information is entered simultaneously to all 12 levels (100 sublevels) of the human consciousness and the human’s Spirituality unit.

“Thoughts are a huge force. Thoughts transform people; and people create themselves... According to the law of informational & genetic symmetrizing, thoughts of everyone attract their own kind. Beautiful thoughts attract their own kind. One’s beautiful thoughts unite ... with the same thoughts of another person. Bad thoughts are attracted to poor ones, middle ones to middle etc. Briefly, ones’ informational & mental waves can amazingly attract (accept) the similar waves of another person (approximately) of the same lengths, frequencies, energies, and codes (Ivan Yuzvishin – “Informatiology”. Moscow - 1996).

Psychoinformatiology includes the basic subdisciplines as follows:

  • History of origin
  • Pscyhoinformatics
  • Complex working principles of Psychoinformatiologist
  • Methods and procedure of formation and transmission of subinformational programs
  • Formation of evolutionary psycho-informational egregores
  • Meditation, ritual and psychophysical technologies
  • Psycho-informational technical systems
  • Project “Formation of the Human and the Creator’s Golden Age Cosmohumanistic Civilization”


Psychoinformatiology has 5 forms of psycho-informational and subinformational interaction:

   Cosmopsycho-informational is a non-verbal (mental), positive energoinformational form of interaction between the human and individual, society, environment, the Noosphere and the Universe through the Earth’s energoinformational fields.

   Psycho-informational is a non-verbal (mental), positive energoinformational form of interaction between the human and individual, society, and environment.

   Psychosuggestive is a positive, mental & verbal form of interaction with the human’s biopsychics whereby any psychoprograms, words or other symbols influence the human psychophysiological processes.

   Subinformational & Matrix is a non-verbal mental form of interaction between the human and various Subtle matter human centers on the quark level.

   Noosphere & Matrix is a non-verbal (mental), positive energoinformational express form of intercaton between the human and individual, society, environment, the Noosphere and the Universe through the Earth’s energoinformational fields.



    To implement all vital programs, people never use 100% of their potential (resource), but 1.5 - 3% only. As a result, implementation of all programs of the human idles at 97-98.5%. Also, at the same percentage the body receives less energy which leads to diseases and premature aging. For the first time Psychoinformatiology has managed to create, test and implement the universal, multi-level, multi-channel, multi-purpose subinformational complex of thinking which works at the subatomic and quark levels. That is possible to apply in all areas of the human activity.

   This is a long-range super-materialization Spiritual & Evolutionary Tool with 4 main information units of programs: Matrix unit, the base unit, specialization unit, and indication unit.

Subinformational complex of thinking contains the Spirituality which is an absolute and perfect information program 10∞ which discovers the human’s abilities, improves the quality of work of the human system or other form of life, provides an ultra-high-speed 10∞, which facilitates the fastest implementation of vital programs, and super powerful energy 10∞ which gives health and longevity, as well as ultra-subtle all-pervading matter 10∞.


    All programs have a specific colorful painting which complies with an information level studied by an expert.

Matrix programs are the accumulators of energoinformational fields, “rocket carriers” of the basic, specialization and indication programs, as well as their tool to put into practice.

    Also, other super-powerful and high-speed subinformational complexes of thinking, such as the Seven Pyramids of the Universe (for Insider only), the Three Keys of the Universe (for Insider only), the Stars Subinformational Complexes, Specialization Complexes etc.

     Subinformational complex of thinking No. 1  

At the seminars everyone may learn these latest an innovative psycho-informational technologies in a professional manner.

Regularities and mechanisms of 4 basic units of the Subinformational complex of thinking.

Due to the formation and implementation of 4 basic units of the Subinformational complex of thinking, the regularities and mechanisms as follows are observed in the percipient’s 12-level system of consciousness: 

     1. Matrix unit. Its program instantly (regardless of recipient’s karma) makes an ideal communication channel, up to the Creator’s Hierarchy. In this way, the body receives a huge amount of super-power energoinformational flow from fields of the Universe. This energy strengthens, cleans, restores, and rejuvenates the body, whereas information opens all levels of consciousness to obtain the ultrapure information which helps solving the vital programs in the life. Period (time) of the program in the percipient’s system depends on a quantity and quality (density) of the matrix program information. Note: in the course of work, similar processes occur in the system of an expert!

    2. Basic unit. Its program opens all the levels of consciousness up to the Spirituality, improves the communication between them, cleans the canal system of Yin-Yang and Nadisa, transforms all kinds of negative subtle matter and brute matter information into a positive one, strengthens 12 human bodies and creates a powerful psycho-informational protection. Due to this, the consciousness automatically extends up to the Creator and the understanding of His 12 basic Laws of building, development and improvement of the human system of consciousness. At this time, an amazing desire to comply with these Laws and switch to positive thinking, speech and actions appears. A percipient begins to comprehend the true Sense of Existence and the Creator. From the microcosm a powerful stream of super-subtle energy of the Creator’s Hierarchy / Grace, cleansing a soul and Spirit, comes to a percipient. There is a sense of creative ecstasy opening his dormant skills in the system. There is a feel of joy, the body begins to produce endorphins strengthening, cleansing and rejuvenating it. The true love for the Creator and all life, faith in the Creator, in yourself and your abilities are born. Note: in the course of work, similar processes occur in the system of an expert!

    3. Specialization unit. Its programs change parameters of the human system for the better, as well as discover super skills. Working with inanimate substance, necessary quality changes of the structure occur. Note: in the course of work, similar processes occur in the system of an expert!

    4. Indication unit. Within the materialization process, programs of the indication unit cause positive reactions in the percipient’s system. These are indicators allowing objectification of the fact the a percipients has gained the subinformational complex of thinking. Note: in the course of work, similar processes occur in the system of an expert!

At the time of receipt and implementation of specialization programs, along with matrix, basic and indication ones, the percipient’s system of consciousness is absolutely ready to implement them on the brute matter and subtle matter levels. Due to the step-by-step implementation of the program units, the perfect conditions for materialization of any specialization programs are created (they can only be positive).

First of all, the matrix program is implemented, then the basic, specialization, and finally indication ones are realized. Within their interaction, an automatic implementation (materialization) of all information components of the program (on the earth, near-earth space and society levels) occurs around and expert and percipient. Environmentalists, first of all, and all the earthmen should know about this, as their thoughts influence the condition of our planet, its biosphere and our entire civilization.

This model of thinking forms the matrixes (analog of the Subinformational complex of thinking) and, at the same time, allows increasing and use of the tremendous energoinformational potential from 100% to 1000% or more to implement the human vital programs.


Working principles for the noosphere-star-matrix subinformational complex of thinking No. 1


     Every night before going to bed and early in the morning, lying in bed with eyes closed, say the phrase: "Please activate my personal subinformational complex of thinking” (Fig.1). Then put your dream, project etc inside your subinformational complex of thinking. Make a control program (heat or cool). When warmth or coolness fills your head, it means that the program is ready. Then send the matrix of the subinformational complex of thinking together with the program using the mantra X...XA (in the second phase of exhalation) vertically through the macrocosmic channel to the Universe. As a result, the matrix resource matrix shall increase by 100%.

And finally say: “I ask all the Universe’s hierarchies to help implement my program”. Say thank you to all the Hierarchies from the Highest/Creator to the Sun-Earth and Your parents for their help.


Basic units of the noosphere-star-matrix subinformational complex of thinking

1. Personal matrix (an analog of the human system having the human’s 100% resource). It produces any number of analog matrixes for transportation both inside and outside of the body.

5. Cosmohumanistic egregore (12 stars) makes a non-verbal communication with all cosmohumanists of the world.

6. Noosphere is an intellectual sphere containing a great amount of information about evolution of positive souls which lived on the Earth for a long time.

7. Soul (psyche) makes matrixes and non-verbal communications with the consciousness levels – from 7th to 1st, from 7th to 10th and an Absolute one. Soul is a center of control of the human system.


    Living positively without diseases, not aging and being happy means to follow the Law of Homeostasis, or constancy of the internal environment of the body. Claude Bernard formulates this law as follows: “The constancy of the internal environment is the requirement for free and independent life”. From the Cosmoeniopsychology’s point of view, 5 basic spiritual & informational principles are required for a productive life of the human. Following these rules, the body gets 99% of all kinds of subtle matter information, energy, and matter. Only 1% of various brute matter information, such as food, air, water, etc. is required by the human body.

    All the positive kinds of information, such as brute matter and subtle matter are the source of positive emotions. Optimism, positive emotions, and a healthy lifestyle facilitate formation of endorphins in brains healthy influencing the immune system. Avoiding conflicts, hate, and selfishness and growing the forgiveness, kindness, love, finding faith, joy in yourself strengthens the human body’s resistance to various diseases. Sincere laughter and smile is the cure for all diseases and old age.

    Method: watching comedy movies, listening to pleasant music, humorous stories etc. To have a beautiful smile and young face, stand in front of a mirror and try to remember your smile the in the days of your greatest joy. Try to express this. Smile 1-2 minutes every day. As a result, all your 43 facial muscles will work in full and give you the eternal youth, 100% health and happy joyful life. Let the Lord God help you in this noble matter! Let the harmony of the beauty and eternal youth be IN YOUR BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT!



  1. Personal matrix (an analog of the human system having the human’s 100% resource). It produces any number of analog matrixes for transportation both inside and outside of the body.
  2. Basic (includes 5 spiritual & informational principles)
  3. Indication (controlling)
  4. Specialization (filled by the vital programs)
  5. Cosmohumanistic egregore (12 stars) makes a non-verbal communication with all cosmohumanists of the world
  6. Noosphere is an intellectual sphere containing a great amount of information about evolution of positive souls which lived on the Earth for a long time
  7. Soul (psyche) makes matrixes and non-verbal communications with the consciousness levels – from 7th to 1st, from 7th to 10th and an Absolute one. Soul is a center of control of the human system

Refer to the working principles for the subinformational complex of thinking No. 1 

Cosmoenioufology (space – an order, law, enio – energoinformational) is a science which studies regularities and mechanisms of the energoinformational (non-verbal) interaction of the human thinking and all levels of consciousness with the Extraterrestrial Civilizations. As the results of the scientific research say, Cosmoenioufology develops the eco-friendly energoinformational (non-verbal) methods of communication with the Extraterrestrial Civilizations.


Cosmoenioufology includes the basic subdisciplines as follows:

  • History of origin
  • Conflict methodology
  • Psycho-informational exchange between the earthmen and extraterrestrial civilizations
  • Applied Cosmoenioufology

The simplest technology of communication with the extraterrestrial evolutionary civilizations :

1. In your head make a ball of a certain color corresponding to the subtle matter world of a specific world civilization (see Chapter 10).
2. Mentally put code of the civilization and the name of the contactee.
3. Say your request: “Heaven’s Father, the Holy Trinity and the God’s Mother, please help to get in touch with our brothers in mind”.
4. Using the mantra X...XA, send the program up.
5. Start your mental dialogue with the contactee. For example: “Please give me your star energy to strengthen my organs and systems or heal a specific person (name this person). Please give me a methodic to heal him. Please give the methods to predict the earth, near-earth, and cosmic cataclysms. Please give me the methods to eliminate them”. Make a pause after each sentence.
6. To summarize, thank the Creator's Hierarchy, the Hierarchy of Extraterrestrial Civilizations and the contactee for their assistance. Arrange your next communication.


    Let me give an example of my work with the Askin civilization (from the constellation Pegasus) 138 – 24 Min) – method of treatment of malignant swellings. An expert stands with his hand outstretched and turns to the civilization and the contactee: “Askin Civilization (from the constellation Pegasus) 138 – 24 Min, please give energy to cure a person (a person to be named)”. Then, the expert with the right hand makes a circle vertically, starting from the top of the head clockwise around the torso of a person. Then the expert makes a vertical line from the top of the head to the tailbone. Repeating fivefold the formula "45 health”, an expert forwards this information to the six-tuple by the right hand fingers starting with the pinky and finishing with the thumb. Similarly, the expert forwards the information to the quadruple and then to the 1-tuple. Repeating mentally this formula, the right hand little finger puts it to the six-tuple, ring finger – to the quadruple, and middle finger – to the 1-tuple. The session is held 1 time per day at any distance. When working remotely, the phantom method is used. In 1996 Vaclav Havel, the President of the Czech Republic, being in critical a condition, was treated by me using a similar method, which allowed to heal him within 3-4 weeks. For the last 13 years these techniques are used also by my students (in medicine) with good reliable results.

    Alpha Centauri Zet Civilization, Cassiopeia, Vega give a powerful psycho-informational protection. Say mentally: “Alpha Centauri Zet 711 Wissan, Cassiopeia 908 Waring, Vega 431 Khorn, please protect me, my family, genus, group, country, and civilization”. You will feel a pleasant flow of energy passing through you from your head to the toe. To summarize, thank the Creator's Hierarchy, these civilizations and the contactees.

Vesuvius Civilization (code 6754, the contactee Kiwanis 1) gives information how to troubleshoot the earth cataclysms: “We are working on prediction and prevention of the earth cataclysms. When anywhere on the Earth karma increases, it negatively affects the underground civilization that is connected with the Anti-World. When a critical mass of karma is reached, revolutions and revolts occur in the underground civilizations. Their negative energy and information create a negative wave that begins to go through 12 channels turning into 12 different disasters. 12 major Hierarchs of the underground Anti-World create an accelerated displacement of the pentagonal plates – this is the first catastrophe (earthquake), the second – strongest wind, the third – tornado, the fourth – flooding, fifth – drawing people to the outer space, the sixth - drawing people to the core of the Earth, the seventh – drought, eighth – fire, the ninth - traffic accident, the tenth – human aggression, eleventh – invasion of harmful insects, epidemic, the twelfth – unbridled aggression of predators. To reduce and eliminate these disasters, the mankind should hold special spiritual meditation and create 12 neutralizing egregores”.

Let me give an example of my work with 24 civilizations managed by Sirius (area of medicine). An expert stands with his hand outstretched and turns to the civilization and the contactee: “Sirius Civilization, 758, Vicon, please give energy to cure a person (a person to be named)”. Then the expert forwards the program by his working hand to the patient’s 8-tuple, 7-tuple, 6-tuple, and 5-tuple. To summarize, the expert thanks the Creator's Hierarchy and 24 of civilization led by Sirius.

Let me give an example of my work with 24 civilizations managed by Orion (area of medicine). An expert stands with his hand outstretched and turns to the civilization and the contactee: “Orion Civilization, 358, Akassiaton, please give energy to cure a person (a person to be named)”. Then the expert forwards the program by his working hand to the patient’s 4-tuple, 3-tuple, 2-tuple, and 1-tuple. To summarize, the expert thanks the Creator's Hierarchy and 24 of civilization led by Orion.

Using the star energy of 48 evolutionary civilizations led by my Teacher, Askarinam the Great, you will be able to use them to forward the programs to any sphere of activity. Energy of 48 Evolutionary Civilizations is very easy to gain. It is much harder to obtain necessary information on the subject you need (see Table 12 in Chapter 10).

   A practical experiment for removal of a hurricane (of the swirling pattern) using the techniques provided by Sirius and Orion civilizations (18.01.95): “On the basis of information facsimiled from the President of a number of European charities, Mr. Bamfylde from Germany, it became known that near Greenland was forming a hurricane that was heading towards the UK and Western Europe. I facsimiled back and confirmed the readiness to work to stop this swirling patterns. Using a methodology inherited from extraterrestrial civilizations, I started work. It was necessary to mentally find the center point of the vortex and change the direction of its rotation. I used the token method (one token is ruby-colored, the other one is blue). Within 7-8 minutes the civilization worked through me directing two phantomlike tokens to the core of the hurricane. Then I left the phantomlike tokens in the center of the hurricane. Then I mentally formed a phantom of the Cheops pyramids and sent them to the tokens, entirely covering the swirling structure. Together with the phantom of the Cheops pyramids, the program of reversal of the hurricane trajectory was forwarded to the South American continent and reducing the hurricane force. In the South America nobody felt this almost”.

Advanced technologies are available in seminars and master-classes.