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"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
(John 8:32)


The President of the GCLN 
А.A. Kloss-Ignatenko.



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Our Civilization entered the era of Aquarius – the epoch of Love, Goodness and Light.
The 21st century is an age of the spiritually-informational civilization where all the sciences, arts, philosophies and religions will consolidate. It will contribute to a birth of COSMOHUMANISTIC CULTURE OF NEW GOLDEN AGE OF THE EARTHLINGS CIVILIZATION.

    Spiritual renewal of the Mankind and confirmation of the principles of moral values are the only path which must be kept by our Civilization.

   Ancient philosophers said: "When you know you - you know everything" Cosmo-eniopsycology is fundamental science about Individual and the Universe which successfully resolves the problem of self-knowledge, self-perfection and self-realization of a personality.

    Modern philosophers say: "He who owns the information, owns the world". The science psycho-informatiology which developed the most effective express methods (PSY-I.T.) of work with spiritually-moral information in the world solves the task of fast reorientation of our civilization for adoption of the true evolutionary-informational Laws of Being.

   The change of the society will be gradual, evolutionary and inevitable. The Cosmohumanistic Doctrine along with its sciences and programs of the Project will help to accelerate this process.

    This vision of future is not an idealistic illusion any more – it is based on knowledge of the relationships of Micro- and Macrocosm, as well as on a scientific cognition of Cosmohumanistic Spiritually-Informational Evolution Of Mankind leading to the NEW GOLDEN AGE.

    May Creator and His Hierarchy of Sky Teachers help us in this noble cause!

Sincerely yours, А.A. Kloss-Ignatenko






    Consolidation of cultural, scientific and spiritual potential of the mankind for creation of a civil spiritually-informational society of the third millennium.

Introduction of a new scientifically-theistic educational system based on intensive teaching and educational methods, contributing to Mankind’s genetic pool conservation.

    Contribution to introduction of the newest psycho-informational technologies (PSY-I.T.) of humans life support into all life spheres.

Implementation of the global project: "Development of Cosmohumanistic Civilization the Golden Age of Creator – ecology of the Soul, Earth and Space" composed of 15 major programs.

28 departments of the GCLN work on implementation of the Cosmohumanistic Doctrine Of Peace programs.

    Founders of the GCLN are a group of individuals: Cosmohumanists, professional specialists in the sphere of psycho-informational technologies, a number of organizations such as: The International Academy of Computer Sciences and Systems, the International Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, the Saint Petersburg Academy of Psycho-Informational Technologies, The World Federation Of Hand-to-Hand Fight, the International Fund "The living Earth", the International Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism Committee, the Global Golden Axis Cooperation, the Association of Employees of law Enforcement Agencies and Special Services, Agency of Special Security, the International Fund "The Cosmohumanists Union", PP "Cosmohumanist", The International Economic Cossack Union, the Institute of information-wave technologies, the International Academy Of Spiritual And Legal Unity Of Nations, the Academy of complementary medicine et al.  


    O.Vovk, The honored Cosmohumanist, the honored Chevalier of the Order of Vernadsky, and V. Koshelev, the President of the supporting Arctic and Antarctic veteran fund "POLE", Chief of the First Russian drifting station "North Pole-32", the Honorary polar explorer of the USSR and Russia, Chevalier of the Order of Courage. The GCLN Standard was planted by: North Pole, 2009: expedition with aviation of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation; South Pole 2013: International, charitable, scientific and practical, Antarctic expedition in honor of the 150th anniversary of Academician V. Vernadsky (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) at the stations of Poland, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Chile.


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The First global congress "Cosmohumanistic Spiritually-informational Elite of the Global Community" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of cosmohumanistic movement, took place in Kiev, Ukraine, on September 11th, 2010.

    The Congress was attended by over 250 prominent cosmohumanists from 28 countries of the world, working in various spheres of activity, scientists, public figures, military, educators, economists, etc.

    In the end of the Congress delegates and guests unanimously adopted resolution on creation of the Cosmohumanistic United Nations Organization (CUNO) of a new type, using the world's most advanced spiritually-informational Laws of Human and the Universe which eliminate all negative aspects of life and create new Cosmohumanistic (humane) World order.      Establishment of CUNO committees and institutions in order to prepare specialists for all areas of activity of the Global United Cosmohumanistic System which would exclude all the negative aspects of life on Earth, such as wars, revolutions, extremism, terrorism, chauvinism, fundamentalism.

     Using the most sophisticated psycho-informative technologies in the world, this new organization (unlike the old UN) is able to create a civil society of the third millennium in order to set harmony and Peace in all countries of the world. 

Prisyazhuk "Mankind enters a new epoch of "Information society" where the information laws of morality should master consciousness of people. This is the only way to good. Realization of information laws of morality, their physical reality in the mass consciousness of people is strengthening their faith into future..."

S. Prisyazhnyuk, Member of the Presidium of the League, Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.


    "Any Doctrine not contradicting Spiritually-moral
Informational Laws has the absolute right to life."

Askhasrin the Great (Prague, 7.10.2002, the Revelation).

Cosmohumanism(the cosmos derives from order, the Law; humanism - from humane) is the Doctrine of Golden Age Of Creator transferred to the Earthlings in April 1991. This new evolutionary philosophical and educational, scientific and theistic Doctrine contributes to the harmonious development of an individual and society and forms spiritually-informational civilization the Golden Age of Creator. The Doctrine draws on the true evolutionary-cosmic Laws (the commandments, Veda, etc.) and scientific knowledge about the multidimensional holographic Universe (the Macrocosm) and a Person (Microcosm) as evolutionary, physical-energy-information system having cosmoplanet Divine nature and reflecting objective reality of the surrounding world.

Science about a Person and the Universe must
be basic science of Universal Humanity.

Askhasrin the Great

  The Doctrine offers a completely new scientific humanistic way of resolution of the most complex problems of our time. 3 sciences of the the Golden Age which deciphered Spiritually-Informational Code of a Person and the Universe are its instrument of realization. The Doctrine and the Sciences explored regularities of all social, public, political and economic processes and phenomena on the Earth, having created all the conditions for accelerated development of our civilization, having offered a new model of a human thinking. Unlike conventional person's system using 1,5-3% of the potential capacity of the person, this model uses 100% of their resource, accelerating implementation of all vital programmes of an individual by 97-98,5%. And through obtaining of the same amount of resource energy, a person acquires 100% health, perpetual youth, a happy, prosperous and joyful life.

The Doctrine and Sciences offer a new paradigm "A Man. Earth. The Society. The Universe", as well as its realization mechanism – the Global Unified Cosmohumanistic System (GUCS). Most effective psycho-informative technologies (methodologies) of testing, transformation and elimination of information that is harmful to a person's system, the society, environment and the Universe are the primary instruments of this system. As well as technologies of testing, selection and usage only of the information which is useful for a person's system and the society, contributing to a birth of a positive image of thinking, emotions, speech and actions, high level of morality, intuition, intelligence and extension of active human life. It will lead to creation of conditions for a birth of New Cosmohumanistic Culture of Civilization the Golden Age of Creator.

      In 1996 the series of experiments based on the remote interaction of a person with the environment was conducted on the basis of the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics (Technical University) (the 1st on the left is Professor K. Korotkoe, in the center is Academician G. Dulnev, Doctor of Engineering Science, the second on the right - Professor A. Ignatenko)

     The symbol of Cosmohumanistic Doctrine is the Golden Eight Pointed God's Mother Star, the center of which is a globe with a stylized image of a Man aspiring to the Cosmic Knowledge and Creator. The Star is framed by 12 eight pointed stars. A quadricolor (gold, white, pink, violet) flag with the symbol of the Cosmohumanistic Doctrine placed in center, is the flag of the Global Cosmohumanistic League Of Nations.
"World Cosmohumanist Day" is celebrated annually on September 22.




b41   B43
Prince A.V. Ignatenko, Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Order O.S.J., The Regent; His Highness, Prince G.I. Makhotin,
The Great Chancellor; Prince A.V. Mikhailov

  The Chairman of International Anti-crime
and Anti-terrorist Committee
Supreme General, A.N. Chistyakov;
The Deputy Chairman on International Relations,
Supreme MAAK General, A.V. Ignatenko

B47   B48

Members of the Association of Employees
of law Enforcement Agencies and Special Services of Russian Federation
led by President A.A. Aslakhanov,
Senator and Major-General of police,
Active State Advisor
of the I class, Academician, Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor;
Vice-President, P.A. Gorodnov
Deputy Vice-President, O.E. Vovk, A.V. Ignatenko

  President of The International Academy
of Computer Sciences and Systems,
Supreme MAAK General, V.A. Tarasov,
Academician Ignatenko A.V.
B49   B414
Academic council of the International Economic
Cossack Union headed by Supreme Chieftain,
Colonel General, L.V. Novikov.

  Member of the GCLN Presidium,
Representative of MAAK in Russia,
Colonel General N.I. Smal.
The GCLN founders in the Republic of Kazakhstan   Members of the GCLN Presidium




Hero of Russian Federation, Army General, V.G. Kazantsev,
and the Grand O.S.J. Master, Grand Prince of Kiev
D.L. Vorontsov-Berezhnoy
  Knights of the International Order of Saint
Konstantin the Great
A meeting at the Strasbourg summit of
the Chairman of the International Committee of Human Rights,
Igor Danilov with the Council of Europe,
General Secretary Walter Schwimmer.
  A group of members of the International
Union of aristocrats led by Marshal
V.G. Rakotsi Tsytsak.