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The Universal Cosmohumanistic Declaration of Human duties



He who owns the information, owns the world.
Ancient philosophers

   Information is the great engine of progress, it is destined to become the leading backbone force of new civilization, a source of its continuous development. It deciphers and reveals the world and an individual, expresses the picture of life "vision of time", its thoughts, feelings and mood. Produced by information general model of being - vision of the world, the conception of ​​a person, the social ideal - turns with its help in a panoramic and coherent picture of the world, in the center of which stands an individual. The concept of information is regarded very narrowly in ordinary consciousness, as certain information which a person receives during their vital processes, the controlled signal, flying around the world by means of various mass media. In the modern epoch the notion of information acquires a new sounding and qualitatively different large-scale social meaning.

   Information is not only a category defined by technical specifications, it possesses a spiritual and intellectual potential that influences an individual and his inner spiritual world and the scope of his activities. Therefore information acquires the social and cultural status which includes it in the system of global human values. Such interpretation of information allows to consider it as a basic fundamental resource of the contemporary society, an effective tool aimed at forming of a new cosmohumanistic («cosmos» meaning order, an evolutionary law; «humanism» meaning humane) civilization. Thus there are specific criteria of construction of the information space, based on the social-cosmohumanistic principles with the priority of an object over a subject that serves it.

   Global nature of modern information appears in the fact that it makes the created knowledge and the genuine evolutionary laws a heritage of the entire world community. The roots of a modern information model are laid in the objective unity of the social and cultural spiritual development of mankind. It is a beacon for the new culturally-psychological lifestyle, enrichment of the human spirit, and it stimulates people's ability and willingness to feel as a particle of the holistic world. By connecting hundreds of millions people together, it creates a spiritual universum in which a person lives, creates spiritual and cultural values, makes scientific discoveries and generates religious systems.

   Unfortunately the contemporary society has not managed to objectively assess the universal law of spiritual and moral information priority in all spheres of common human activity. The spiritually-moral information law contributes to the evolution and allows to create and maintain universal human values. Advancing a scientific thesis about this law, we emphasize that information is a fundamental principle of human existence that contributes to individual's self-knowledge, his self-improvement, fullest self-realization, rise to a qualitatively new spiritual and moral level of consciousness, to a new system of values and planetary cosmohumanistic thinking. Spiritual-evolutionary information allows to create and maintain the values of civilized life. Existence of human life is impossible without information. Spiritual (positive) information is necessary for the society, a man, his soul and spirit, like a compass is necessary to a ship floating on the ocean. Only positive information is an active participant in the cultural progress - the progress for a person that enriches all aspects of his spiritual life. Civilization creates mankind, culture creates a personality. A Man with his belonging to the world around, with his spiritual aspirations and moral demands, his troubles, sorrows and dreams about happiness stands at the heart of the global social movement. Unfortunately the contemporary society cannot achieve harmonious progress having no real instrument of work with positive and negative information. The GUCS system is such a universal instrument.

General Assembly of GUCS
enunciates this UNIVERSAL COSMOHUMANISTIC DECLARATION OF HUMAN RESPONSIBILITIES, a common standard of achievement for all the peoples and nations, so that every individual and every organ of society constantly bearing in view this Declaration and knowledge about the system of human and spiritually-informational essence of life, would strive to promote securing of common and efficient recognition by education and inlightening, through national and international progressive measures in a way of national and international progressive events, general and effective recognition, their implementation among peoples of the Organization member states, as well as among peoples of the territories under their jurisdiction.

A person is obliged to:

  • switch to a positive mode of thinking, emotions, speech and actions;
  • strictly fulfil the Laws of construction, development and perfection of individual's system of consciousness;
  • eliminate the consumption of all kinds of negative information;
  • through diligence acquire capability of automatic blocking of all kinds of negative information outside of own system and its transformation into positive one;
  • acquire capability to form from positive, moral and spiritual information a mosaic of the Absolute evolutionary programs and their subsequent implementation;
  • learn to see Divine nature in every person, assist in spiritual growth and self-realization;
  • always respond with kindness and love to all manifestations of anti-spiritual world;
  • constant self-knowledge, self-perfection and maximally full self-realization targeted at a good cause of Man, Earth, its environment and the Cosmos;
  • change the individual level of consciousness to collective one;
  • be constantly engaged in educational work and educational spiritually-moral activity;
  • perfectly master three sciences of the Golden Age and methods of Global Unified Cosmohumanistic System;
  • take active part in realization of programs of the Project Spiritual Renovation Of Mankind;
  • form spiritual and moral, informational Elite of the Global Community and the Civil society of Peacemakers, the Peacekeepers of the third millennium;
  • work on creation of the Spiritual and Moral Parliament;
  • form a Culture of the Golden Age of Creator.