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The Universal Cosmohumanistic Declaration of Human Responsibilities


spiritual transformation as an origin of life

Yes, information is the multifaceted phenomenon of the modern world which reflects the culture and worldview of the era, all the various forms of manifestation of life on the Earth and Space.

Negative information causes social cataclysms, conflicts and painful phenomena in the human mass consciousness giving rise to the pessimistic feeling of the tragedy of the Existence. Information which is not objectively evaluated and selected averages the human mass, forms a human whose vision and consciousness indifferently pass through negative information which like a rubbish pollutes his mind and leads to involution, loss and degradation of health. In modern conditions the society cannot survive in the chaos of unorganized information space (taking into account the knowledge of the evolutionary laws) because this information makes a negative contribution to the standardization of the person which conforms him as a rule.

Conformity makes a person vulnerable to violence of various information tools making him passive and unable to navigate in social and cultural sphere. Such a person becomes submissive, indifferent, or, vice versa, starts to protest that threatens both society and him.

   Mass media not knowing the mechanisms of energoinformational exchange at the society level ekes out the life of blindly copying it, shows a remarkable inadequate reflection of reality and does not seek to take over the work of advancing the reflection of the Existence. But the higher mission of the mass media is to bring to every person the concerns of society and give a real spiritual information model to resolve them. Mass media often substitutes spiritual values​​ advertising without any control the cult of profit, cult of the dollar, intolerance, violence, vengeance and other forms of violence. Information about violence (on TV) won today the whole world overwhelmed by militant amoralism. Savoring it on TV, in press and books, information guides the human to the good, to the evil, the love, the hate leading people to mixed feelings and confusion. It is very dangerous for the spiritual and moral health.

Concealment of information and intentional misrepresentation, concealment of vital information that could reveal people's eyes, condemns society to "spiritual poverty". False information leads to social unrest and a split culture, forms the conflict inner world of human. It confuses society, violates behavior and thinking, generates indifference and passive attitude to life around them, and leads to a sense of his own impotence. Negative skeptical attitude to the culture, science and spiritual values ​​is a great danger for development of the human values. "Soap operas", thrillers and advertisement seize the planet, and culture, as the foundation of civilization, has become a victim of inflation values. Its creations are reduced to objects and products of the "technical civilization" which create a comfortable life subordinating people to things that turns a person's life into "useless passion", as Sartre said. 

Contemporary society does not realize the value of information for their self-improvement not realizing its positive and constructive, but also dangerous, destructive principles. An avalanche of of different informational messages such as social, cultural, household, etc. is going to overwhelm people. Unfortunately, a modern human is not able to correctly perceive and select useful information and use it. The human does not have criteria for assessing the information, it does not any testing methods which can distinguish false from truth, good from evil. This causes the urgent need to build a culture of perception of positive information. The human must learn to accept, learn and develop social and emotional, spiritual, moral, cultural and intellectual information, to use it effectively for benefit of themself, society and the environment of the Earth and the Universe. 

The solution of global problems of our civilization depends primarily on the depth of knowledge about the human as a physical & energoinformational system of consciousness the basis of which is the spiritual information. Without this knowledge, all our science will continue to make mistakes creating technologies which contradict with the human nature. Therefore, as I said before, the basic science of our civilization should be the science about the human, the essence of the human existence, essence of life, relationship between the human (Microcosm) and the Universe (Macrocosm). Got to know yourself, the mankind will be able professionally and skillfully use evolutionary information based on the latest technological achievements. This will develop a social & psychological and spiritual & moral model of information systems which will contribute to the synthesis of intuitive and logical methods of cognition, and the Commonwealth of humanitarian and artistic, philosophical and theological, scientific and technical cultures. Such an integrated approach to information targeting to disclosure of its dominant role contributes to the creation of spiritual and moral foundations of the modern society - its evolution leading our civilization to the New Golden Age.

General Assembly of the World Uniform Cosmohumanistic System

proclaims this UNIVERSAL COSMOHUMANISTIC DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS which all peoples and nations should tend to execute; every individual and every organ of society, constantly referring to this declaration and knowledge of the system of human, spiritual and informational nature of life, shall strive by teaching and education to promote, through the national and international, universal and effective recognition, implementation of them both among the peoples of the states - members of the Organization and the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.

The future of the mankind shall be the same as our thoughts, feelings, speech and acts are. Everyoneisresponsibleforcreationofthe better tomorrow.

First of all, the human is responsible for the following:

  • Failure to comply with the 12 Spiritual and Informational Laws of building, development and improvement of the human system of organism.
  • Acceptance of negative brute matter information to his system perceived by the five senses (movies, newspapers, books, the Internet, movies, bad smells, extreme cold, heat, bad food, water, air, and other factors).
  • Acceptance of subtle matter negative information to their mental level of and its use.
  • Formation of negative thinking programs (for realization of their identity) which create negative emotions at the biophysical body level, speech and actions, as well as-depression and disease.
  • The inability to forgive.

The human is responsible for: 

All social negative world events such as wars, revolutions, extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism, etc.

  • Diseases, epidemics, early aging and early death (because they have the information reason).
  • Unemployment, poverty, starvation, enslavement and suffering.
  • Deception, cynicism, selfishness and violence.
  • Lack of faith in the better tomorriw for themselves and others.
  • Pessimism, laziness, lack of will, lack of system.
  • Anger, hatred, fear and deception.
  • Chaos in his soul and society.
  • Lack of fortitude, wisdom, and faith in the Creator.
  • Earth, intraterrestrial, water, air and space disasters, born of our negative thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

Every person is responsible not only for: 

  • Themselves but also for their family, generation, society where they work, citizens of their village, city, country where they live and all people on the Earth.


The human is responsible for:

• Information thought in the environmental complex Spirit - Soul - Body. All is information.

Information word in the draft of the future: Faith - Inspiration - Creativity - Planetary creation. Set up a system of consciousness on the spectrum of waves of Spiritual Interaction and see ... for information being in resonance with the Universe

• Information action in the system: Microcosm - Macrocosm. All kinds of fields are materialized information, traffic, and energy

• Information interaction in the space: Society - Noosphere - Universe. Everything in the Universe communicates via the Creator by means of information

• Formation of information criteria of development of science and education in system: Faith – Knowledge: Religion - Science. All is created by the information vacuum according to the CREATOR’s evolutionary program

• Creation of secure information technology of interaction between state and international organizations at the level of: Resources - Systems - Process - Management. All fields and systems interact as waves: Macrocosm – a wave environment (frequency, wavelength, speed of distribution, the information code) - the system of human consciousness - DNA - wave environment - Macrocosm)

• Formation of the concept of ecological complex: Human Consciousness - information map of the Soul - information field of the Earth - consciousness of the Universe. All systems are alive and interact and have an information memory

• Development and implementation of the universal platform of formation of the cosmohumanistic civilization on the basis of the new scientific paradigm Information - Energy – matter, psychoinformational methods and technologies for its implementation in all fields of work: All methods of interaction are revealed to the mankind according to the level of ascent of the Spiritual consciousness

• Prosperity of the World Cosmohumanistic Doctrine: Come to the world – receive the Creator, see the information, learn it, understand and create ...

• Development of information Concept of the Total: Creator of the Universe - Information - Macrosystems of the Universe – Microsystems of the Universe - Information - Creator of the Universe - "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last" (Rev. 1: 8; 21: 6; 22: 13)